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Which muscle groups should you stretch before playing football?

Proper stretching is important before doing any physical activity to avoid injuries and soreness. Check out which muscle group you should prioritize when warming up especially if you’re planning to play football.


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If you don’t want to spend up to three months by the sidelines because you tear your hamstrings, then pay extra attention to it before you start your game. Try to sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you, grab your feet and rock back and forth.


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Football involves a lot of sharp turns and twists and will definitely strain your calves. Get something to lean against and with your left foot about two feet in front of your right foot, bend the left knee and straighten your right leg. Push down through your left leg while keeping your right leg perfectly straight, and you should feel a stretch in your calf.

3. Quads

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Use anything for support and grab your left foot to pull behind. Repeat this few times before switching to the other leg. Also, a gentle jog would help a lot.

4.Hip flexors

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One of the ways to avoid hip flexor strain is by doing lunges. After each lunge, swivel to one side while keeping your legs perfectly straight. This stretching is good for your hips, quads and glutes.

5.Inner thigh

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This is by far the easiest stretching ever as you only need to sit in a butterfly pose for few minutes to stretch your inner thigh.  

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