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What you need to know about sugar-free diet

Cutting sugar out of your diet is the fastest way to lose weight but before you start, make sure you’re ready to experience the following,

1. It’s going to be hard

You are going to get headaches, feel constantly exhausted, experience brain fog and irritability. This phase is known as the withdrawal process and if you can get through this phase then everything will be easier moving forward. Give your body a week to adapt to this phase.

2. There is sugar in everything

You’ll be surprised by how much sugar some types of food contain, so you need to educate yourself on how to read the nutritional label to better avoid it. Be very careful with foods such as salad dressing when you’re on this diet.

3. Meal planning is crucial

It is important to plan your meal throughout the day so that you stick to your diet. Imagine a stressful day, and you’re hungry; of course, you’ll either look for your comfort food (most people like sugary comfort food) or eat more than what you’re supposed to. You can avoid all this by planning your meals in advance.

4. Increase fat intake

Don’t get us wrong, fat here means good fat like avocado, nuts and cheese. Good fat can satisfy you for a longer period of time. Studies suggest that if you eat more good fats, you’ll crave less sugary stuff.

5. Moderation is key

Whatever diet you choose to follow, always remember that moderation is key. If your body has been sending negative signals about a certain diet, change immediately or take it easy.

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