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What workouts to do if you want to train certain muscles?

Trying to build certain muscles? We’ve compiled a list of workouts you should be doing if you’re targeting certain muscle groups.

Before that, do you know that your body is made up of six main muscle groups;

  1. Arms
  2. Back
  3. Chest
  4. Shoulders
  5. Legs
  6. Calves

When doing exercises, do know that it’s impossible to only grow a single muscle. They are related to one another. It would help if you could look at it as muscle groups instead.


Our arms are made up of four muscles which are biceps brachii, brachialis, triceps, forearms. Do the following workouts to build your arm muscles.


Also known as dumbbell curls, arm curls

Equipment needed: Dumbbells

How to do it:

Source: Nuffield Health

Common mistakes: Going too far, too fast, the position of your elbow and shoulders.


Your spine depends on these three types of muscles; extensors, flexors and obliques. Your back requires adequate exercise to maintain its strength.


Also known as bent-over row (past decades), upright row

Equipment needed: Bar

How to do it:

Credit: Jeremy Ethier

Common mistakes: Sloppy movement, wide grip, and flared elbows.


In case you’re wondering what your chest muscle’s main function is; it’s to bring the upper arm across the body.

Bench press

Also known as benching, bench pressing, chest press

Equipment needed: Bench, weights and barbell

How to do it:

Credit: eHow

Common mistakes: low bar, the width of the grip, thumb placement, arched back and lifted buttocks


One of the most fragile muscle groups in our body, make sure not to overdo it!

Upright rows

Equipment needed: Barbells

How to do it:

Credit: Buff Dudes

Common mistakes: Too much weight, the bar is too far away from your body, lifting through the wrists instead of elbows


Your leg muscles support and balance the body. Thus, it is important to train it well.


Equipment needed: Weights and barbell (optional)

How to do it:

Credit: Bowflex

Common mistakes: heels coming off the floor, knees moving inward


Another muscle group that people often overlook, this exercise will strengthen your calf muscles.

Calf raises

How to do it:

Credit: Howcast

Common mistakes: Not targeting the right muscle, not getting a full contraction

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