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What to eat if you’re cutting carbs out of your life

Carbs mainly provide energy but if you consume it excessively it will turn into fat (so does other types of food). One of the ways to lose weight is to limit your carbs intake. But first, let’s brush up on our knowledge of crabs.

One thing you need to remember is that not all carbs are created equal. There are simple and complex carbs. Complex carbs are unprocessed and normally contain natural fibre. Example of complex carbs are bread, rice, pasta, starchy vegetables and legumes. Refined carbs, on the other hand, are processed, with its natural fibre stripped out of it. Cake, candy, and milk are examples of simple carbs.

“In order to lose weight, I cannot eat bread, rice, pasta, cake, candy and etc?”

Of course, you can! However, make sure to limit your intake. That’s all and here are some alternatives you can consume if you want to limit carbs in your diet.


Cauliflower is definitely one of the most versatile foods to have ever existed. If you’re a hardcore rice lover or a die-hard fan of bread then cauliflower can easily replace them. You can also make pizza base out of cauliflower!


Noodles lover? Zucchini will help you get over noodles in no time. Cut zucchini into thin, noodle-like strips or invest in spiralizers and cook them like how you would cook your noodles.

3. Sweet Potato

Don’t know how to start your day without a toast? Sweet potatoes are what you need. Cut the sweet potatoes into slices-not too thick or too thin and simply throw them into a toaster. You can now enjoy your sweet potato toast with egg, avocado and fruits.

4.Non-dairy milk

Try to consume almond, soy and oat milk to replace your favourite dairy milk. They are equally good with added vitamins and minerals but lesser calories.

5.Portobello mushroom

Mushrooms are a delicious complement to almost all cuisines and can boost your vegetable intake. It contains vitamin D which can aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus; essential components to maintain bone health and strength.

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