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What to do if you’ve overindulged?

There are days when you accidentally overindulge and it’s completely okay. It doesn’t mean that all your hard work at the gym or effort to eat clean doesn’t matter anymore; it simply means that you’ve made a mistake. Find out how you can get your fitness back on track.

1.Accept it and forgive yourself

You’ve worked hard enough and know that indulging in junk food once in a while doesn’t do anything to your body. Accept your mistake and forgive yourself. To make you feel better, maybe you can go to the gym the next day and do extra activities to ‘redeem yourself’. However, do note that your body will only change or suffer when you start to form a habit out of something. It’s okay to do it once in awhile but make sure you be very careful the next time.

2.Go for a walk

Walking will make your body feel instantly better as studies suggest that walking can relieve the uncomfortable feeling of fullness caused by overeating. Walking also can put you in a good mood and help to clear your mind.

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3.Sleep it off

Do you know that not getting enough sleep can trigger overeating? Sleep deprivation may mess your ghrelin and leptin hormones; hunger and fullness hormones. Research has proven that sleeping fewer than eight hours per night was linked with higher body weight. In the case of overindulging, make sure you have a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up fresh.

4.Drink a lot of water

One of the reasons you need to drink a lot of water during your weight loss journey is to keep your appetite under control!

5.Do not skip meals

You probably feel demotivated after your binge-eating session, whatever you choose to do, do not skip meals as it can double your risk of overeating. Try to follow your normal eating routine the next day.

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