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What is sports drink and do you need it?

Buff dudes at the gym always can be seen carrying sports drinks in their hands, but have you ever wondered if you need it too? Let’s figure it out together,

What is sports drink?

Sports drink refer to drinks that are formulated for quick replacement of fluids lost, to supply carbohydrates during training and to promote overall recovery after high-intensity exercise.

What are the main ingredients in sports drink?

Sports drink contain carbohydrate (great source of energy), electrolytes (minerals such as chloride, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium).

Types of sport drinks


Isotonic drinks contain salt and sugar at similar levels as in the human body. It is the most popular choice for most athletes.


Suitable to be consumed after high-intensity exercise, a hypotonic drink contains low levels of carbs and electrolytes which speeds the absorption of water by the body.


Contrary to hypotonic drink, hypertonic drinks contain a higher concentration of carbs and electrolytes than the human body.

Do you need sports drinks?

Unless you’re an athlete, the answer is no, you don’t actually need to re-hydrate with a sports drink. You need to consider your duration, exercise habits and intensity beforehand.

Light to moderate exercise ranging from walking to weight training type of exercises doesn’t require you to take sports drinks as these type of workouts does not reduce your body’s carbohydrate level especially if you have lots of break in-between those workouts.

If you really think you need to consume sports drinks in case you’re working out for more than 1-2 hours, just drink a considerate amount (no more than 30grams of carbs).


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