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This is why you should start playing futsal today

Football (also called soccer in some countries) is the most popular and most played sport in the world. If you don’t already know, futsal on the other hand is just like football, only indoors!

If you have never been interested to play futsal before, let us share with you some of the benefits of playing:

Via: Canadian Chiropractic Association

Increases cardiovascular health

An average football player runs around 8 – 11 kilometres in a full game thus providing excellent cardio exercise that keeps your heart rate up, strengthens your heart, reduces blood pressure, resist plaque build-up in the coronary arteries and of course our favourite, burns excess calories. And though the distance covered is not as much for futsal, the short bursts of speed required during matches is equally beneficial for your body.

Improves different sets of skills

First of all, your coordination skills will improve tremendously as you learn how to run, observe and kick at the same time, unintentionally increasing your concentration, persistence and self-discipline.


Builds strength and flexibility

Now that you’re all fit to run for miles, futsal also builds your strength and flexibility as it allows you to learn how to change directions swiftly while avoiding injuries. On top of that, your lower body will strengthen marvelously as you kick, jump, dribble, tackle, twist and turn!

Better moods and heightens confidence

Playing futsal helps your brain to release certain chemicals such as serotonin – a feel happy chemical that has the ability to make you feel happier. This has the effect of controlling anxiety, reduces symptoms of depression thus making you feel like you are a champ!


Requires only space and one equipment

The only thing that you need to play football and futsal is just a ball! It’s cheap and is relatively easy to learn how to play footie so you can start playing in your own backyard or at a park nearby. There is absolutely no excuse to not start today because you can also play alone!

So what are you waiting for? Lets get kickin’!

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