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The beginner’s guide to weight lifting

Adding strength training to your workout regime? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. Good Luck!

1.Make sure your form is right

We cannot stress this enough! If your form is wrong, you’ll get injured. There’s no point of lifting super heavy but your body doesn’t reap any benefit from it. Take time to learn from trainers at the gym or simply watch a reliable video on how to perform exercises you wish to do, correctly.

2. Rep scheme is the second most important thing

When you’re starting out, don’t push yourself too hard as it’s important to build muscular endurance. Lift light and do more sets and after your body is used to your beginner weight, increase it gradually.  How to know if your body is used to a certain weight? Your muscles are no longer growing and you hardly notice any changes to your body.

3. Have a proper strength training schedule

Working out is all about discipline. If you can force yourself to commit to at least three times a week for strength training, your body will reward you with stronger and bigger muscles!

4. Give your body time to recover

Recovery period is as important your work out time. Once you’ve had a good strength training session, give yourself at least 48 hours (for beginners) before you start lifting again. However, that’s not an excuse for you to eat everything you like. You still need to watch what you eat on your no-gym days.

5. Remember to take it easy

Always remember that you’re not in competition with anybody. Don’t try to compete with your friends that have been training for years or think that you can carry the same amount of weights as your trainer.

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