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Tabata workout benefits

The tabata workout regimen is based on the concept of high intensity interval training, which is far from a unique idea. However, it has a unique design which consists of incredibly short intervals – 20 seconds of high intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The pattern needs to be repeated 8 times, meaning that the entire workout only takes 4 minutes.

  • Burns Fat

Doing high intensity workouts increases our basal metabolic rate. By increasing the basal metabolic rate, the workouts, short as they may be, are highly efficient and effective when it comes to burning fats. And the added intensity will help our bodies to burn fat for hours after the workout is done.

  • Improves muscle growth

Exertion causes microscopic tears in the tissues that need to be repaired. With high intensity workouts like the tabata, tissue growth and repair happen at a much faster pace, due to the high amount of effort and strain on the targeted muscle groups.

  • Increase aerobic capacity

When we exercise, we inhale oxygen as a fuel to keep us going. The amount of maximum oxygen we can take into our body is called aerobic capacity. The capacity increases over time as we exercise regularly especially when performing exercises such as the tabata regimen. It also improves the endurance and oxygenation levels of individuals.

  • Saves time

Due to the 4-minute duration of the tabata regimen, people tend to not slack off. Doing a 20-minute session consisting of 5 tabata workouts which targets different parts of the body is a highly efficient way of getting in shape fast.

  • High intensity

Tabata regimen consists of high intensity workouts. Beginners should get a plan online or from fitness trainers who are familiar with tabata. It is important that you take things slow and give your body time to adapt. Don’t injure yourself!

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