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Strength training for runners

Runners rarely perform weight training to avoid building too much mass or getting injured. Most runners spend time on endurance training and this makes it really difficult for them to build any considerable mass.

  • Lift weights but go easy during competition season

It’s more important that you focus on building a solid foundation of strength and movement proficiency by doing major lifts. Dial back the strength training during competition season to ensure that it doesn’t affect your running performance.

  • Choose fundamental exercises

Squats and dead-lifts can improve your strength and definitely improve your overall running performance. Single leg variations, such as single leg split squats, single leg deadlifts and lunge variations are important for dynamic stability development.

  • Sets and repetitions

Choose weights that make you feel like your muscles are on fire once you’re midway through a set. This 5- rep range works best for squats and deadlifts. For single leg variations do the 8-12 reps range. For core stabilization exercises try to keep them between 30-60 seconds.

  • Lift weights with ballistic-intent training

You need to maintain good form and technique as much as possible, regardless of the weight. Ballistic-intent training will help recruit your fast twitch muscle fibers and generate power when you need that extra push.

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