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Strategies to boost metabolism

Metabolism refers to the numbers of calories you burn in a resting state. Calories are expended to carry our functions that are essential to survival, such as breathing, blood circulation, and oxygen nutrient delivery. There are a few ways to increase the metabolism rate in your body.

  • Train with weights

Resistance training induces muscle damage, which in turn promotes for muscle growth. Resistance training shows that you can increase your metabolism rate by 11-12 percent for two hours post workout and even 9 percent for up to 15 hours post workout. To make sure that your metabolism is functioning at an optimum level, hit big muscle groups with multi joint movements and multiples sets with higher repetitions.

  • High intensity training

The exercise you do effects the metabolism rate in your body. Your oxygen consumption post exercise will be elevated in an attempt to replenish the substrates used.

  • Eat enough protein

Consuming enough protein to maximize the muscle building process. The amount of muscle mass you have impacts your metabolic rate. Prioritize protein as it helps boost your metabolism rate.

  • Dieting all-year round

Long term dieting may effect your metabolism because your body will begin to conserve energy and repress your metabolism. For every week that you diet, spend at least as many weeks off your diet. This will give time for your metabolism to be restored and promote muscle growth.

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