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Stop making these post-workout eating mistakes!

In case you didn’t know, post-workout meal is as important as pre-workout meal. While pre-workout foods are important to maximize your performance, post-workout meals can help you minimize muscle damage and grow muscle.

1.Lack of planning

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The key to success for eating healthy is planning. If you put 100% effort during your workout, you’ll experience serious hunger pangs after your workout. You’ll end up eating everything in sight because you didn’t prepare anything beforehand. So, before hitting the gym, make sure you’ve got your post-workout meal sorted.

2. Forgetting to drink water

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You lose an incredible amount of fluids every time you do physical activities, so, to keep yourself hydrated, simply drink more water. A dehydrated body will slow down your recovery process. Also sipping on sports drinks after your workout is not a good idea as it normally contains a certain percentage of sugar that provides more calories than benefits.

3. Delaying meal time

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Try to eat within 20-30 minutes after your workout. If you wait any longer, your body will start to crave more unhealthy food and your hard work at the gym will be wasted. Eating within this period of time will help to reduce muscle fatigue and you’ll feel more energized.

4. Neglecting carbs and protein intake

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Some of us choose to indulge in protein-based meal only and some opt of carbs only. It’s important to keep a balance between these two. Unless you’re advised by trained medical personnel, stick to your daily dietary intake and you’ll be fine.

5. Overindulging

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This is also one of the common mistakes committed by well, everyone. We understand that you’re hungry and somehow feel that you need to eat more to recover from your workout but overindulging will not help. Instead, try to eat slowly until you’re satisfied, not full!

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