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Stop following these common fitness beliefs

Check out FIVE fitness facts that in reality are myths.

1. To lose weight you need to work out. A lot.

No! Working out for hours won’t help you to lose those extra kilos. To lose weight, you need to practise a good diet and have a proper training schedule. Consistency will also help you to get there faster.

2. Cardio is the only way to lose weight

No! Cardio is definitely one of the ways to lose weight but it is not the only way. You need to combine both strength and cardio training to shed the excess body fat.

3. You have an effective workout if your muscles are sore

No! Muscles sore are caused by microtrauma (micro-tearing) of muscle fibers. This actually happens when you do not give your muscles enough rest. One of the ways to measure the effectiveness of your workout is when you feel energized after your training session.

4. Do cardio on an empty stomach to burn more fat

No! Fuel your body with light and nutritious food before doing any physical activities.

5. Weight lifting is not for woman

No. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the developments of muscle and it can be found both in men’s and women’s bodies. However, women produce this hormone in smaller amounts thus making it harder for them to develop freakishly huge muscles!

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