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Stop doing this before a workout!

We’ve compiled a list of things you shouldn’t be doing before exercising as it could affect the quality of your workout!

1.Do not do static stretches

It’s good that you’re doing stretches but skip static stretches. Static stretches are best after you are done with your workout, for warm-up, its best to do dynamic stretches to warm up your body. The best warm-up would be movements that mimic the activity you are about to perform but less intense of course.

2.Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol can make you less coordinated thus making your body prone to injuries. Avoid alcohol at all cost before showing up to the gym or simply reschedule your workout session if you’ve already had your drink.

3.Do not eat your heart out

Yes, we get that you want to be energetic during your workout but do not overeat as it can result in gastrointestinal distress and poor absorption of nutrients. Eat a small meal that’s just enough to power through your workout.

4.Do not drink too much caffeine

Yes, caffeine contains substances that can help you be more energetic however it’s dangerous to overconsume it. Too much caffeine can cause dizziness, dehydrate you, elevate your heart rate. Find out what’s the right amount of coffee you are allowed to drink before a workout, here.

5.Do not apply lotion

Do not go crazy with the lotion especially if you’re doing any weight training at the gym because it will be slippery for you and for others next to you. You may apply lotion after your workout and use it to massage your muscles.

Also, check out the dos and don’ts after a workout, here.

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