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Stop doing this after a workout!

To make sure you get the most out of your workout, avoid doing any of these things after a workout.

1.Skip Stretching

Normally people will skip stretching after a workout but what people don’t know is that stretching is as important as our workout. When you stretch after a workout, your body will go through a much-needed recovery process as working out involves the usage of muscles. Certified strength and conditioning specialist Austin Martinez said that “If you don’t facilitate muscle recovery with stretching, injuries can occur due to overuse, leading to less optimal workouts and precipitating early fatigue.”

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2.Drink Alcohol

Constantly going out for a glass of wine after a vigorous workout? You might want to reconsider your decision next time. Drinking alcohol after a workout is going to reduce muscle protein synthesis. You’ll feel sluggish and experience a slow recovery process. If you really cannot avoid alcohol after a workout, it is advisable to consume it a couple of hours after your workout.

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3. Weigh yourself

This is the last thing you need to do. Don’t obsess about numbers on the scale and instead focus on your workout, diet and positive mentality. A day or a week of workout won’t show on the scale, you need to be consistent throughout your fitness journey.

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4. Feast

An intense workout is not a reason for you to have a feast. It is totally understandable if you’re feeling hungry after a workout session, it’s just that you need to take it easy. Go for something light and wait at least an hour before you go for a big meal.

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5. Skip showering

Eww… imagine running errands in sweaty clothes! Staying in your workout clothes after an intense training could put you at risk of skin or fungal infections especially if you’re using shared equipment.

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