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Six unique stadiums to visit today

When Malaysians talk about football stadiums, usually Arsenal’s Emirates and Manchester United’s Old Trafford are among the famous ones that come to mind. These stadiums are famous and well… basic. Interestingly, there are a number of stadiums out there that are more known for its distinctive features.

Here’s a short list of unique stadiums that we think you should visit:



Capacity: 41,143

Home to: 3 Bolivian league football clubs – Club Bolivar, The Strongest and La Paz FC

Why is it interesting? It is currently one of the highest stadiums in the world, located 3,601m above sea level! Due to the high altitude, players must be able to cope with the lack of oxygen at the stadium. This causes heart rate to speed up and players get exhausted much faster than normal. Did you know that during a match in 2013 between Bolivia and Argentina, Lionel Messi, Angel di Maria and Javier Mascherano had to be given oxygen masks to help them with their altitude sickness? Also, if that doesn’t take your breath away (literally), rumour has it that this stadium… is also haunted.



Capacity: 52,000

Home of: C.F. Monterrey

Why is it interesting? Not only does the newly completed stadium look like a spaceship from afar, you will also get a mesmerizing view of the Cerra de la Silla Mountain when you’re seated in the stadium!



Capacity: 30,000

Home of: None. Also, it has never hosted any high-level football matches but it’s been used for concerts and other events

Why is it interesting? It is currently the largest floating football stadium in the world. Yup – it floats! Quite glad they have never hosted any football matches here – because how could you choose between watching an intense match and the remarkable views of Singapore?


Capacity: 30,286

Home to: SC Braga

Why is it interesting? This stadium was carved out of a rock at the site of a former quarry and it only consists of 2 lateral stands – which are connected to each other by a number of steel rings! This 2011 Prizker-winning architecture was created by architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.



Capacity: 80,018

Home to: AC Milan and FC Internazionale

Why is it interesting? Just like the Estadio BBVA Bancomer, the cylindrical towers around San Siro Stadium makes it look like a spaceship but made out of concrete. Besides that, the San Siro has also hosted a number of big football matches including the FIFA World Cup in 1990 and the 2016 European Cup finals.


National Stadium – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Capacity: 55,000

Home to: Taiwan National Team

Why is it interesting? As you can already tell from its unique architecture, it is famously known as the “Dragon Stadium”. To be honest, it also resembles a Tamagotchi toy layout from the top. Besides its exceptional design, it is a highly sustainable stadium – made by reusable and domestically made materials, is solar-powered and it generates 100% of its electricity from photo-voltaic technology. Best part is, the Taiwanese government plans to share the extra energy collected into the local grid where it will help with almost 80% of the neighboring area’s energy requirement!

So which of these stadiums would you like to visit one day? Comment below!




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