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Signs you’ve nailed your workout

Some of us tend to measure the effectiveness of our workout only when we are drenched in sweat and can barely move. But is that the only way to know if your workout actually worked? The next time you think you had an amazing workout, check if you have all these signs…

You sleep well

Studies show that physical activity can improve your sleep quality. So, if you’ve pushed yourself enough during your workout session, you are going to be well-rested at night for sure. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to reset your immune system and help curb weight gain.

You are happier

Happier here means you’ll find yourself in a better mood. Why do we feel happy when we workout? It’s because when you exercise, your body releases feel-good chemicals, called endorphins and serotonin!

You feel hungry

If you feel hungry right after your workout, it means that you’ve hit the exercise sweet spot! Also, you are likely to crave carbs as the body is sending signals that it needs energy. Make sure to eat between 30 minutes after your workout session. Also, eating as soon as you finish your work out can help you recover faster.

You feel Sore

A LITTLE soreness is a sign of a good workout however it depends on what type of workout you have been doing. If you’re doing a high-intensity workout, it doesn’t make sense to be a little sore and vice versa. You can easily recover from muscle soreness if you rest well.

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