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Say bye-bye to these fitness trends

How are your fitness resolutions so far, is it going well or are you still struggling? No matter what, stay away from all the fitness trends listed below.

1.Say ‘No’ to waist trainer

Waist trainer continues to gain popularity with each passing day thanks to fitness influencers on social media. Nat Straub, a certified trainer at Solid Core claims that “At most, the wearer might lose a little water weight by sweating more while wearing it, but they won’t burn fat, in fact wearing a brace or trainer for long periods of time will actually weaken your core because your muscles are not being trained to support your body,”. Do yourself a favour and don’t even think about getting a waist trainer.

2. Don’t spend 7 days a week at the gym

Sounds like you’re going to lose all those excess weight in no time if you commit 7 days a week, right? That’s not the case though, in fact working out non-stop is the easiest and quickest way for you to get injured. Also getting a good amount of rest is as crucial as working out if you’re planning to lose weight.

3.Go and lift weights. It will not make you bulky!

So many people especially women are scared to lift weights because they think weight lifting is going to make them look bigger and bulkier. It’s NOT going to make you look bigger, instead, it will only make your muscles leaner. Strength training will also make you stronger, release stress, protect your bones and boost metabolism.

4. Go easy on all those ‘exercise challenges’

Have you ever been tempted to complete a ‘30-day squat challenge’ or ’30-day plank challenge’ just to trim certain parts of your body? You’re not alone, many people want to complete these challenges with the same excuse as you; to work out on certain parts of their body. However, your body doesn’t work in that way. To lose weight, be it around the abdominal or glute areas, you need to lose overall weight. But these challenges are a great way to jump-start your workout routine. It’s definitely better than lazing around…

5. Working out is not just about burning calories

Ahhh…many people fail to realize this. Most people commit to physical activities for the sake of losing weight only and it is actually so much more than that. Your mental health is also affected each time you do any physical activities. When you work out, your body releases endorphins which will trigger a positive feeling.

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