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Reasons you’re addicted to junk food!

We are all addicted to junk food; be it something as simple as a candy or as ‘sinful’ as a pizza, we sometimes find it impossible to say no to all these foods. However, you might find it easier to avoid it if you know why you’re craving it. Check out why you’re addicted to junk foods!

You’re suffering from nutritional deficiency

Studies show that if you’re craving for a specific food, it means that your body is sending you a signal. For example, if you’re constantly craving for sugar, it’s probably because of an iron deficiency. You might want to eat more iron-rich foods such as beef, lamb, seafood, and eggs. Also, the next time you find yourself craving for sweets, check if you’re feeling fatigue because most of the time, humans crave sugar subconsciously to get a quick burst of energy!

You’re stressed

According to Harvard Health Publishing, stress eating is a thing. When you’re under a lot of pressure, your body releases a ton of hormones especially cortisol. Cortisol manages your blood sugar and if you’re under too much stress, it can disrupt and lead to a number of serious health problems such as weight gain (binge eating), headaches, anxiety and etc.

You do not get enough sleep

Really, there’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t solve. A study published in eLife showed that after a sleepless night, you’re prone to crave calorie-dense and high-fat foods. Solution? Sleep! Or nap…

You’re bored

If you notice that you only crave junk food on the weekend or after work hours, then it’s clear that you’re just bored. The next time, you may want to drink a large cup of water before digging into that sinful snack.

Your blood sugar is dropping

When your blood sugar is low, your body searches for the quickest source of sugar. Make sure you don’t starve yourself and snacks in between meals.

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