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Reasons you are unable to do planks

Plank is a bodyweight workout that targets most muscles in your body, especially abs, if done right! If you still find it hard to perform planks, check out what you are doing wrong in this article.

1.You may be doing it wrong

It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that you’re doing it wrong. So what’s the right way to do a plank? Find out in video below.

Credit: Bowflex

2.You have a weak core

Most people can’t perform a plank because they have weak core muscles. Certified personal trainer, Geoff Tripp suggests that you should have a well-balanced strength and conditioning program that addresses specific core muscle weakness.

3.Your balance is off

You need to be able to hold your position for as long as you can when doing a plank and the key is having a good balance. The easiest way to work on your balance is to stand on one leg. Practise this frequently and you’ll notice changes in your planks.

4.You need to strengthen your upper body

Your deltoids, pectorals, triceps, trapezius and lats must work together for you to be able to perform a plank. Gain upper-body strength with push-ups. If you find it hard to do traditional push-ups try it on your knees.

5.You don’t engage your glutes and abs

In order for planks to work, you need to first actively engage your glutes and abs. You need to be aware of your muscles and know how to engage the right muscles while performing planks. Till you feel your glutes and abs are shaking hard, keep going.

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