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Reasons you are unable to do burpees

Burpee or squat thrust is a full-body workout. Some of us face difficulties performing burpees and that’s totally normal. Find out why you can’t perform burpees in this article.

1.You experience shortness of breath

You might feel like even all the air in the world is not enough for you when you’re performing burpees. That’s totally normal especially if you’re a newbie. What you can do to overcome this problem is to pay extra attention to your cardio training.

2. Your lower back hurts

Not the ordinary sore, and more like ‘OMG my lower back is going to detach from my body’ kind of pain. Experts claim that it’s normal for you to experience this because of your form while doing the workout. You allow your hip to collapse in the plank position instead of controlling them and keeping them up. So, control your movement!

3.You don’t know how to improve your posture

Burpees are hard. It involves four movements; stand, squat, plank and jump back to your squat before standing back up again. However, you can take it easy by working on your strength first; practise a variation of squats, planks and push-ups.

4.You feel dizzy

Another common reason why people can’t do burpees. You might have low blood pressure and if it’s not medically proven then you might want to modify your burpee pace – go slower, and avoid jumping.

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