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MUST-HAVE free fitness apps

Are you halfway through your fitness goals for this year? Or are you just going to postpone it to next year? Let us help you achieve your fitness goals with the following amazing (read: free) fitness apps!


There’s a saying that goes something like, ‘Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym’. We completely agree. No matter how much you work out, if you don’t eat right, you cannot get the results you desire. So, let’s slowly work on our diet. The following apps will help you to monitor and kick start your diet.

1.My Fitness Pal

Credit: eximocrossfit

Pros: This app can help you set workout and diet goals. You can pre-plan your calorie intake and see which high-calorie foods you should avoid. Also, there’s a support community, tips, and motivation articles.

Cons: Not all types of food are listed on the app so you might have to think of an alternative way to keep track of your calorie intake.


Credit: The Quench

Pros: Tracking your water intake has never been easier. You can choose which type of water container and the volume of the bottle you’re using. Also, you can set a reminder to help you achieve your daily water consumption.

Cons: If you’re the kind that gets irritated with the tiny notifications from apps on your phone then you’ll hate this app as it shows how much more water do you need to consume on a regular basis. #ocdalert


Credit: Uptrivial

Pros: Log in your dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences, and the app will suggest the best recipes for you to try. Save yourself from the ‘what to eat’ migraine.

Cons: Lagging.


Now that you know what you’re putting in your body, let’s train it. Download these apps for incredible transformation.

1.30 Day Fitness Challenge

Credit: Health and fitness apps

Pros: You have the freedom to focus on any body part you want; lower or upper. It’s like having a digital personal trainer; ‘forcing’ you to complete your sets within the allocated time frame. Also, there’s a meal plan you can follow!

Cons: ADS

2.Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

Credit: PopSugar

Pros: Videos of real people performing the workouts can really help you with your form.

Cons: As you progress to the more challenging routines, you will have to start paying.

3.Asana Rebel

Credit: CIOL

Pros: Perfect app for yoga lovers, beginners or if you just want to do some stretching at home by yourself after a long day.

Cons: Once you log into the app using Facebook or email, you’ll be redirected to an “unlock the premium version” screen. Simply click exit and continue using it for free.

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