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Multiplayer games to level up your parties!

Have you ever been in a situation at a party where everyone isn’t really talking to each other after awhile because everyone’s preoccupied with their smart phones? Well, we got an idea for you! Download any of these games listed below on your phone and you’ll turn the dull situation to a freakin’ good party (with a couple of drinks in hand) in no time:


Host Ellen DeGeneres is definitely a funny lady so it’s not a shocker that she created a modern-day game of charades that will totally spice up dull moments at your get-togethers. Just hold your phone over your forehead and your teammate would have to guess the right answer.



Choreographed by the Dutch National Ballet, Bounden is a whimsical dancing game for two players. Both players hold either end of your phone and you tilt the device around following a path on the screen. Even if you’re not a good dancer, you will be twisting and twirling gracefully in no time. Best to be played on a first date.



King of Opera is a party game set in an opera featuring a wacky cast and game modes. Bump and knock your friends from the circle so that you would become the King of Opera!



Bam Fu! is a fun and fast-paced competitive game whereby all players play on one screen to capture as many pebbles as possible. Whoever collects the most pebbles – wins!



This is a game where you win if you can outwit your friends. Psych! encourages you to key in fake answers for real trivia questions and rewards you when your friends choose wrong answer. 😉



If you’re a fan of the card game Cards Against Humanity, then you’re gonna love this. Evil Apples is exactly like CAH but without the weight and with more than 800 question cards! This is definitely not for kids.

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