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Messi’s fitness secrets

We’ve shared with you Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar’s fitness secrets, now let’s find out what are Lionel Messi’s.

Workout routines

  • Linear speed

Linear speed workouts focus on coordination, speed, rapid acceleration and deceleration of a player. These workouts will train your arms as well as your feet. Here are some linear speed workouts you can try,

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  • Multidirectional speed

Messi also does multidirectional speed workouts to improve his stability and agility. It focuses on understanding proper techniques to accelerate and change direction quickly. Check out some of the multidirectional speed workouts you can try.

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  • No pizza

It’s a known fact that Messi loves pizza, however he was forced to give it up in order for him to reach his peak.

  • Foundation of Messi’s diet

According to Messi’s nutritionist, Giuliano Poser, the footballer’s diet consists mostly of olive oil, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and water. Messi also avoids sugar in order to build muscle.

Close to a match, Messi normally begins altering his diet. He would start cutting down on carbs and increase his protein intake and water. Few days before a match, he will eat vegetable soups which are cook with spices like turmeric, coriander, chili and ginger before every meal, followed by carbs. A day prior to his game, he will load up on proteins and veggies.

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