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Is it dangerous to shower immediately after a workout?

Most people tend to shower right after an intense workout session but what does science say about this? Let’s find out if it’s advisable or dangerous to shower immediately after a workout.

The answer depends on you

If you have done a proper cool-down session then yes, you may take a shower as soon as your session is over. According to experts, it’s best to have a 20-minute cool down post-workout.

However, do note that even though you have a proper cool-down session, your body cannot handle an icy cold or a very hot shower as it may cause your blood vessels to dilate. You are at risk of a heart attack and sudden stroke if that happens.

However, the next time you have to skip your cool down session, make sure to chill a while before jumping in the shower. Many of us forget that cooling down is an essential part of working out as it helps to stabilize our heart rate, especially after an intense workout.

Which is best: Cold or hot shower

A cold shower after a work out will help to cool down your body temperature and heart rate. Studies also suggest that it can increase blood flow and prevent lactic muscle build-up which means you will not experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

A hot shower, on the other hand, will help with the blood flow and reduces muscle soreness. Also, ladies if you want glowing skin, then spend some time in a hot steamy shower.

But no matter what, you have to take a shower after any kind of physical activity to keep yourself clean!

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