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Importance of Mobility Exercise

Mobility refers to the range of movement that can be performed by our muscles. A good range of mobility is crucial to prepare our bodies for any light or heavy exercises. It also can reduce any risk of injuries that could occur during exercises. There are numerous mobility exercises you can perform using your own body weight, foam rolling, resistance bands, poles and barbells. So here are a few benefits of mobility training.

  • Effective warmup

Synovial fluid is one of the liquids that are activated when you perform mobility exercises. This fluid will help lubricate our joints before doing any exercise which in turn gives you a better workout session.

  • Reduced injury

The main reason of mobility training is to reduce injury. If there are limitations for the muscle to move in certain range of motions, then there is a higher risk of injury.

  • Improves technique and range

Mobility training helps fix your body posture and form. It also makes your joints and muscles more flexible while providing you with more range of motion without any fear of getting injured. This will help you to perform your workouts better.

  • Better quality technique

Having a good form and technique can reduce the risk of injuries especially when performing compound exercises which require large amounts of energy and causes muscle tension. Most power-lifters and bodybuilders perform mobility training on a regular basis to hit and warm-up every muscle joint.

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