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How to start working out, again

We’ve all been there…We are on the right track, our workout routine has become a habit and we’ve been eating healthily and actually feeling good about ourselves but then life happens; just a month long of Christmas treats or two weeks of vacationing has cost us months of hard work at the gym. Is it possible to get back into shape again? Let’s find out in this article!

1.Be realistic

First and foremost, accept the fact that you are not going to be at the same level as before. You are starting out again and soon, if you are determined enough, you’ll be even fitter than before. 

2.Go easy

Now that you’re back at it again, go light and easy. Don’t push yourself too much as you might get injured or suffer from burn out. It’s important for you to ease yourself back in than pushing yourself beyond your capability.

3. Have a plan

It’s best for you to start your fitness regime with flexibility workouts then slowly include cardio in your routine before starting your strength training. This way you body will not feel ‘shocked’ and can adapt better to the changes.

4. Eat well

All the above points will only make sense if you start changing your diet. Be smart in choosing what you put in your body, plan your setbacks ahead. If you know you’re going to go on vacations, research what healthy options you can enjoy or simply spend some time working out while you’re on holiday. It doesn’t have to be a complicated workout, a 15 minutes of HIIT routine should do the trick!

5. It’s not going to be easy…

….for the first couple of weeks! Once you’ve get through that phase, you’ll start to see changes to your body; slowly but surely! Trust the process.

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