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How to overcome psychological issues affecting your weight loss

We hate to break it to you that if you’re dealing with emotional struggles then it’s harder for you to lose weight compared to emotionally stable people. Find out common emotional issues related to weight loss and how to overcome them;


Scientists believe that there is a link between depression and weight loss. Normally, overweight individuals tend to develop psychological distress which leads to depression. Depression symptoms such as inactivity and sleeplessness can worsen the weight loss process.

How to deal with it: Talk it out with family, friends and experts. Look for a behavioural health specialist who can help you to treat the underlying emotional issues.

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All-or-nothing mindset

Do you have this kind of mindset?

“There’s no point hitting the gym today if I’m going out partying with my friends later, we’ll be eating and drinking the whole night”


“Ahhh, I already had two doughnuts just now, let’s just cheat the whole day…”

If yes, then you have the ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset.

How to deal with it: Shake it off, something is always better than nothing. Take small steps and set achievable short-term goals. This way, your body will be motivated to achieve more!

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You have been working out for months but the progress is just too slow? And now you’re stressing out and notice that you’ve been eating more lately?

Most people eat more than they should when they’re stressed. Their body send signals that they need more food as a coping mechanism for managing stress!

How to deal with it: Identify what causes you to be stressed out and avoid any situation or people that contribute to it. Always remember that fitness is a journey and you have to be patient in order to see results.

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