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How to maintain your muscle mass

If you ever try to increase the amount of your body muscle, you’ll understand how hard the process is. You need to train hard, eat sufficiently and rest properly. Failing to maintain your muscle mass will cause it to shrink. Check out what you can do to maintain your muscle mass.


Many people think that if we train hard enough, our muscle will pop out in no time. That’s not the case though, you have to also schedule some rest time. Sleep is when your body speeds up the muscle-building process.

Say no to alcohol

You can consume alcohol but in moderate amounts as excessive alcohol consumption can raise the estrogen levels and mess up your testosterone hormone causing muscle loss.

Train smart

Never train on an empty stomach. In case you’re wondering why, muscle stores glucose and if it isn’t available elsewhere, your body will get it from your muscles to maintain important bodily functions. So, eat something before you perform any workout!

Pay attention to your protein intake

Make sure you get your recommended amount of protein for your body. Not sure how much? Take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 0.45. Multiply that number by 1.2 and that’s your recommended daily protein intake.

Eat healthily

Eat enough and healthy so your body won’t have to use energy from your muscle. Say no to junk food because it won’t contribute to your muscle-building process! Check out what you need to eat to build more muscle, here.

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