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How to ease post-workout soreness

We all have been there… right after a full body workout or a friendly futsal match with friends, we feel so energised but it all fades away the very next day. Everything hurts and you just pray that the pain will go away ASAP.

The technical term of the pain you feel is called DOMS: Delayed-onset muscle soreness. If you’re suffering from DOMS, don’t worry as it is completely normal and we’re going to share with you a few tips which can help you manage the pain.

1.Time heals everything

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DOMS usually get worse after 24 to 48 hours of your workout and the pain will decrease after 72 hours. If the pain gets worse, make sure you talk to a doctor.


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You probably just want to sit or lie down until the pain goes away right? Experts state that you should do the opposite if you wish to recover faster.  Light stretching and a brisk walk could help with the pain.


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We have everything you need to eat to recover fast here.

4. Therapy

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You might want to try using a foam roller which can increase your blood flow to the tissues you used while exercising. Cold shower, ice bath, and heat patches also can help to speed up your recovery.

Above is everything you can do as soon as you’ve done with your workout, but what can we do to prevent muscle soreness from happening?

 1. Stretch

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Warm-up is important as it prepares your body for exercise. Don’t rush through your warm-up and try to perform gentle dynamic stretches and follow up with static stretches before starting your fitness regime.

2.Correct form

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Performing exercises with the correct form is crucial because if you don’t do it properly, you are prone to not just DOMS but also injuries!


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Drink more water if you’re going to do physical activities outdoor. Aside from reducing muscle soreness, water will also decrease inflammation after exercise.

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