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How to choose a personal trainer

Finding a personal trainer is not an easy thing to do especially for a beginner who wants to explore the world of lifting. You can, and should be discerning about who hire you and why you’re doing it in the first place. This is because it involves your money, body and health. Here are a few attributes that make up a good trainer, so that you will know how to identify one when the time comes.

  • Is a well-built/ fit trainer better?

First off, the idea that someone must be a sportsperson in order to give fitness related advice, is false. Not all experienced fitness buffs and athletes are capable of coaching or providing fitness information. While there are others who do not perform well in sports but can deliver or coach very well and help many athletes realize their true potential. So what do these coaches have that others don’t? Firstly, knowledge of the technical and tactical aspect of the game. Secondly, the ability and willingness to simplify the message in a way that’s more understandable for clients.

  • Should I judge a trainer by how their clients look?

Nope, the reality is that individuals often have different objectives, for some it might be just weight management and general fitness. These people only aim to achieve their objectives and stay healthy but not become gym rats. And then there are some clients who hate to change their eating habits. But that doesn’t mean the trainer isn’t doing a good job. You can’t blame a trainer if the client refuses to comply with the training regime and diet plan that has been set for them.

  • Should I pick a trainer who will push me towards my goal?

Most trainers look down at those who exercise casually saying that these people are satisfied with just being ‘mediocre’. These personal trainers fail to realize that most people are not bothered about breaking their deadlifts PR or lifting as heavy as possible. They would instead rather focus on being healthy and active while enjoying each workout session.

  • What makes a good trainer?

A good trainer does not only provide motivation and inspiration for people to keep up an exercise regime but also offer encouragement for them get started. As a trainer you must be well versed in the individualization, application, organization and prioritization of exercises. Great trainers will know how to cater exercises based on the client’s ability, physiology framework, medical profile and etc.

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