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How often you should workout per week and for how long?

Is working out everyday healthy or should we only exercise every alternate day? Where do we draw the line? Find out the magic number in this article.

It differs depends on your body and fitness goals.

Before agreeing on any specific number, you should listen to your body and know what you want to achieve. What sort of activities you do during training also affects the number of workouts you should do per week. If you’re doing a lot of weight training, it’s advisable for you to schedule a rest day in between your workouts so that your body will have enough time to recover.

Training 4 to 5 days a week is ideal

There you go, we’ve spilt the magic number already. However, most people find that it is unachievable due to time constraints. If you want to achieve optimal fitness, you should at least train three times a week. Remember to mix up between strength and cardio training to reach and maintain a good level of fitness.

Take your rest days seriously

Many of us see rest days as a day of not being productive, fitness-wise. But our body thinks differently, after working out for at least three times a week, our body needs at least two days to recover. However, make sure you do light movements on your rest days, not just lay still in bed.

30 to 45 minutes is enough

A study suggests 30 minutes of physical activity a day is sufficient to help overweight adults lose weight. Another study shows that working out for more than 45 minutes may actually be non-productive.  If you spend hours working out, you’ll probably eat more to compensate for the longer workout session.

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