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How fitness trainers recover from hardcore workouts

Post-workout soreness is real and painful! Find out how experienced fitness trainers ease their post-workout muscle soreness.

1.Don’t underestimate the power of stretching

Some of us might skip stretching to save time or simply because we don’t think it’s important enough. Stretching can minimize the after effect of your hardcore workout. According to a personal trainer at Rumble Boxing in Brooklyn, NYC, Julian Devine said, “I will always make time for stretching, foam rolling and percussive therapy are my three go-to recovery techniques”.


Stop working out! Give yourself a day or two without any workout so your body can actually facilitate muscle recovery. Finley Funsten, personal trainer and general manager of MADabolic in Charlotte, NC, also claimed that she normally takes two full days off after a hardcore session to maintain her strength training routine.

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3.Spend some time in the sauna

Saunas has been linked to pain relief, faster muscle recovery and have been used as a form of therapy for thousands of years! Certified trainer and professional dancer, Kaley Hatfield says she loves integrating the sauna into her recovery routine as it helps her muscle to relax.

4.Pamper yourself with a bubble bath

Good news if you’re not a fan of cold therapy, you can switch to hot therapy as it also promotes blood flow. Soak yourself in a warm, bubbly tub for faster recovery. To calm your muscle more, add some Epsom salt to your bubble bath.

5. Eat your post-workout meal ASAP

Make sure you eat in between 30 minutes after you complete tough workouts. Tom Holland, a kinesiologist and professional triathlete suggests that one should eat adequate proteins and carbohydrates to speed up the post-workout recovery process.

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