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Hottest WAGs of the new season

Here are some of the hottest and most successful WAGs that are set to grace the English Premier League this season!

1.Izabel Kovacic ( Mateo Kovacic’s wife)

This beautiful wife of the Chelsea midfielder is not just pretty face, she is also the founder and owner of a successful range of organic and eco-friendly baby products called Lunilou. Often referred to as the ‘Croatian Shakira’ in their homeland because of her blonde curls, the 25-year-old got hitched in Zagreb two years ago.

Credit: Kovacic’s Instagram
Credit: Kovacic’s Instagram

2.Nif Brascia (Moise Kean’s girlfriend)

Kean’s £29 million transfer from Juventus to Merseyside has been completed but that’s not what we’re going to talk about here. Kean’s girlfriend, Brascia is a Thai boxer and she is reportedly undefeated in over 50 fights! Imagine what would happen to Kean if he ever cheated on her…

Credit: Brascia’s Instagram
Credit: Brascia’s Instagram

3.Ria Hughes (Daniel James’s girlfriend)

Hughes is sports instructor and the pair have been dating for two years now. For his 21st birthday, Hughes gave James an adorable pooch. Hughes recently joined Manchester United and is set to begin a new chapter there.

Credit: The California

4.Maria Sanchez (Dani Ceballos’ girlfriend)

Originally from Spain, Maria has been in a relationship with the Arsenal midfielder since 2016. Apart from her modelling job, she is studying at a university in Seville to become a teacher. The couple constantly keep their Instagram busy by uploading pictures of themselves enjoying holidays and sporting events.

Credit: Ceballos’ Instagram
Credit: Ceballos’ Instagram

5. Lisa Goncalves (Andre Gomes)

Goncalves and Gomes have been dating since his time at Benfica. Goncalves works at Hospital de Valongo located in Valongo, Portugal as a dentist. This beautiful brunette is definitely a keeper!

Credit: Goncalves’ Instagram
Credit: Goncalves’ Instagram

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