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HIIT mistakes you should avoid

High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is basically any workout that alternates intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity. HIIT has been practised by many and claimed to be one of the most successful ways to lose weight. If you’re not doing HIIT right, you’re going to end up with injuries and fatigue. Check out HIIT mistakes you should totally avoid.

1.Your HIIT is not intense enough

Beginners who are not able to work out at their maximum intensity but are expecting amazing results from it. HIIT doesn’t work like that, you should start with doing a lot of general fitness exercises while building yourself up to HIIT. If you think you are ready for HIIT, make sure you do not hold back until it’s your rest time.

2. You are skipping your rest time

Rest is important and it is needed if you want to see the result. Stop thinking that if you skip those breaks in between, your body will work twice as hard (definitely) but #tbh its just plain torture to your body. Take the break you need and continue your HIIT. It’s called high-intensity INTERVAL training for a reason. #duhh

3.Overdoing HIIT

Always remember that it’s not about how frequent you do something, it’s always about the quality of it. You only need to do HIIT workouts three to five days a week. Doing it seven-days-a-week will just burn you out.

4. Your form is wrong

Always focus on your form. It’s okay to do fewer reps and work on your form till you get it right. Bad form can cause injury. #nuffsaid

5.Skipping a warm-up and a cool-down

In case you don’t know, warming up is the best way to increase muscular blood and oxygen flow while raising your body temperature. It will also reduce the risk of injury, and post-workout muscle pain. Cooling down is also as important as warming up. It helps you to reset your pre-workout blood pressure and heart rate!

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