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Gym-goers: Common-sense rules to live by

These rules are not circulated by any gyms but you should at least be familiar with all these rules if you’re a hardcore gym-goer cause it’s common sense!

1.Always clean the equipment after using them
Imagine if you have to wipe off someone’s sweat off any gym equipment? #euww. So next time you’re going to the gym bring a cloth to wipe your sweat off. It’s your sweat, you are responsible to clean it not the next person.

2.Don’t hog anything at the gym

If you’re just going to sit on the leg machine and take selfies of yourself, move please because they are people who actually want to work out.

3.Keep it down

We can’t understand why some people need to scream their lungs out after lifting super heavy weights they know their body can’t handle. If you think you are going to have to scream after each rep then that is not the right weight for you. Go lighter.

4.Cover it up

Yes, you’re in the locker room among people of the same-sex but do you have to walk around naked chit-chatting about how awesome you feel after your workout session. We understand you feel confident and comfortable with yourself but we certainly are not, having to see you in your birthday suit.

5.Handle the equipment properly

Do not throw or drop down the weights. Also, you might hurt yourself and the people around you. You don’t want to be sued for this stupid mistake, right?

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