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Footballers who got in trouble for sex assault claims

Footballers career and personal life are constantly under the spotlight and it’s almost impossible for them to hide anything especially if it involves sexual misconduct. Let’s have a look at 5 rumoured sex assault cases that happened quite recently.

1.Amr Warda

Credit: Stepfeed

Egyptian Football Association confirmed that Warda had been removed from the Africa Cup of Nations squad after allegations that he sexually harassed a number of women online. In the most recent case, Merhan Keller, a British-Egyptian model shared screenshots of inappropriate messages that Warda sent via Whatsapp and Instagram on her social media accounts. Few other women also have been sharing their personal encounters with Warda.

2.Paul Gascoigne


Former England midfielder, Paul Gascoigne was arrested at Durham train station in England on account of sexual assault. He was later released and management company refused to comment anything. He spent years in rehab battling alcohol and drug addiction.

3.Karim Benzema and Frank Ribery

Credit: EPA

Back in 2014, French footballers, Benzema and Ribery were charged for having sex with an underage prostitute, Zahia Dehar. The age of consent is 15 in France, but paying for sex with anyone under 18 is a crime. However, France’s highest court ruled that only those aware that a prostitute was underage can be found guilty of breaking the law.

4.Diego Maradona

Credit: Metro

Maradona is alleged to have been involved in so many crimes, includes two rape cases. In 2017, during the final of the Confederations Cup in Saint-Petersburg, Maradona was accused of raping a journalist, Ekaterina Nadolska. She initially wanted to interview him but claimed that Maradona raped her and she couldn’t escape him.

5. Neymar Jr.

Credit: starradiouk

Neymar Jr. denied an accusation that he raped a woman in Paris. The woman told police that Neymar provided her with an air ticket from Brazil to France and even paid for her luxury accommodation. He then engaged in sexual intercourse against her will. To clear his “unjust accusations”, Neymar posted a video clarifying “nothing really happened”.

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