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Footballers who are BFFs on and off the pitch

Footballers spend lots of time with their teammates; training, travelling and attending public events. So, it’s no surprise when they develop a special bond with each other. Check out the list of footballers who are best friends on and off the pitch.

1.John Terry and Frank Lampard

Credit: adelaidenow

Terry and Lampard’s friendship go way back to when these two were playing for Chelsea. They used to go on vacations together with their families. Even though now Lampard is busy with his managerial duty at Derby County and Terry being named as the assistant to Aston Villa’s coach, Dean Smith, they still make time for each other. Terry openly stated that Lampard is one of his best friends in football. Aww…

2. Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard

Credit: Footballskillz Unleashed

You can see a lot of these two on social media; fooling around in the dressing room and making fun of each other. They became good friends while at Manchester United, before Pogba left the club in 2012. And after four years, Pogba reunited with Lingard again.

3.Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Maxwell

Credit: EPA

Zlatan and Maxwell have been friends for more than 15 years. At some point, they even shared an apartment. Zlatan proved that Maxwell means something to him when he wrote about Maxwell in his autobiography.

4. Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford

Credit: Football Parodies

Lingard and Rashford took a vacation to Miami together recently and posted an Instagram story that set the internet on fire. Not long after that, Lingard posted another ‘unethical’ video which irked some of the Old Trafford faithful who claimed that Lingard has been a bad influence on Rashford.

5.Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

Credit: Getty

Messi and Suarez are inseparable on and off the pitch. They became friends when Suarez moved to Barcelona in 2014. Their hunger for success has been the foundation of their friendship.

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