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Football Nutrition: Food that caters to your position

Football is a team sport and each player plays a different but equally important role.

But did you know there are certain nutritional intakes that can help give you a boost based on your position in the team?

Midfielder and attacker

Since you’re required to move a lot, you will need to increase your carbohydrate intake, but make sure to balance it with sufficient protein as well. Don’t restrict yourself by munching only on solid carbs. Opt for fast digesting carbs like a sports drink to keep you hydrated and provide your body with all the important nutrients.


Since the nature of your position requires a lot of tackling, handling and sprinting, you’re prone to suffer muscle strains, as well as tendon and ligament injuries. You need a lot of protein for both: muscle recovery and building. A well balanced protein shake would be a perfect post-game drink for a defender.


No doubt that a goalkeeper should have good focus and concentration, thus it is advisable for players of this position to indulge in food that contain creatine such as red meat. Also, good news for coffee lovers, pre-game is the perfect time to drink up as caffeine will help with mental focus.

A poor diet and rapid loss of energy can affect the player, team, and worst of all, the game itself. Always make sure you consume the right nutrition to help you perform better on the pitch.

Source: Premier Football UK

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