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Factors that affect your performance in football

Feeling like you’re not quite up to your game, as of late? No worries, there are many factors that can impact your performance in football such as,

1.Lack of sleep

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Trouble falling asleep? This could be the reason why your performance on the pitch has been suffering. Getting a good night’s sleep will improve your concentration and reaction time while playing. Try to tire out yourself so that it would be easier to fall asleep. Also, avoid any caffeinated drinks and sugary foods a few hours before bedtime.

2.Emotional state

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Feeling down, depressed, stressed and sad can affect your performance on the field. Try to gain control over your unwanted emotions. Perhaps you may want to start practising yoga or simply avoid any situation that would trigger strong emotions in you.


Have you been training in hot weather conditions recently? Weather can also affect your performance as your body might need some time to adapt to any sudden changes. Try to expose yourself under the sun for a certain period of time every day to ease the adaptation process. However, make sure not to push yourself too hard as you might fall sick.

4. Nutrition

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A healthy and balanced diet is important for athletes. If you’ve been binge eating all your favourite foods lately, try to cut back and focus on your goal. Also, don’t forget to drink water to keep yourself hydrated especially in hot weather.


Pushing yourself too hard if you’re having a cold or flu will slow down the recovery process. Take all the rest you need and come back feeling fresh and energized.

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