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Everything you need to know about anaerobic exercise

Nope. It’s not a typo. We’re sure you’ve heard about aerobic but do you know anything about anaerobic?

The word anaerobic literally means ‘without oxygen’ or ‘without air’. Basically, it is a high-intensity workout where your body will demand more oxygen. Listed below are some of the examples of anaerobic exercises;

  • Jumping rope
  • HIIT
  • Heavy weightlifting,
  • Sprints (biking, running, etc.)
  • Hill climbing
  • Swimming and etc.

What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises use different energy systems; aerobic uses energy stored in the body while anaerobic exercises will use up energy stored in the muscles.

Another interesting difference between these two is that aerobic burns calories during the activity while anaerobic burns calories during and when your body is at rest.

Why you should start doing anaerobic exercise?

1.Promote fat loss

Anaerobic helps you burn more fat than aerobic exercises as it even helps to burn calories while your body is at rest!

2.Build your muscle

Since your body is using energy stored in the muscles during anaerobic exercise, it will help to improve and maintain your muscle mass.

3.Improve your stamina

When you start doing anaerobic exercise regularly, your body will learn how to use more oxygen and convert it into energy allowing you to workout for a longer period of time.

4.Increase bone strength and density

As you age, you have the tendency to lose bone density but by doing a lot of anaerobic exercises, it will definitely help prevent osteoporosis.

5.Keep your sugar level under control

Food that you eat is either burned immediately, stored as glycogen or fat in our body and muscles. Working out regularly will help to maintain your blood sugar level.

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