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DO NOT follow these weight-loss tips

Are you trying to lose weight? Find out if you’ve tried any of these ‘false’ weight-loss tips.

1. DO NOT indulge in a cheat day once a week

Most people would strive to eat as healthy as possible for 6 days a week and will eat whatever they want on the 7th day. It sounds reasonable… It is okay if you’re practising mindful eating on the 7th day but let’s face it, most of us would go all out and eat everything we want on our cheat day, right? The cheat day concept tends to develop a negative feeling about food and dieting in one’s mind. You’ll consider eating healthily as something you are forced to do. Treat yourself in moderation each day.

2. DO NOT avoid fruit because it contains sugar

Not all sugar is bad for you especially natural sugar or also known as simple sugar which can be found in fruits. Some fruits like kiwi and banana can also help with weight management so, don’t cut fruits out of your life. Fruits are the perfect sweet substitutes!

3. DO NOT eat 6 meals a day

If you’re an active person, go ahead and have 6 meals a day but if you’re sitting the whole day and only walk to the toilet, then please do not practise eating 6 meals a day. It’s not how many times you eat, its what you eat and the portion of your meal are what’s important.

4. DO NOT do a juice detox

You’re born with a liver, right? Then you don’t need any detox because that’s your liver’s main job.

5. DO NOT eat at night

People have got to understand that if you eat more calories than you burn, then it will lead to weight gain no matter what time you eat it. So, pay attention to what you eat instead of at what time you eat it.

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