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Counting Macros 101

Macros is a short form of macronutrients. Macros consists of 3 main food categories which are carbohydrate, protein and fat. Each three of these play an important role in our body. Tracking macros is crucial in order for the human body to sustain a healthy lifestyle, especially athletes. There are a few benefits to tracking macros.

  • Improved diet

Counting macros can help you focus more on the food quality rather than calorie content. It may also cause you to choose a healthier food option that’s rich with nutrients.

  • Weight loss

Counting macros may also help you to lose weight because it sets out a specific food recommendation.

Plus studies show that tracking food intake may aid long term weight maintenance.

  • Achieve Goals

Counting macros is popular among athletes as well as those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

To help with muscle building, tracking macros may help you by to consumed more protein and less fat.

But not just that, to gain lean muscle and boost performance whether in the gym or on the field, can also be achieved through counting macros.

For example, athletes need 1.4 grams of protein per pound (3.1 grams per kg) per day to maintain muscle mass.

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