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Common foam rolling mistakes

Foam rolling has become famous among fitness athletes. Before this, foam rolling was solely used by professional athletes from various sports backgrounds and for rehabilitation. It is a great way to massage your deep tissues and promotes faster recovery. However, here are a few common mistakes that people make while using foam rollers and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Not using the correct roller

Beginners should start with a softer roller until their bodies adapt to the stress when rolling. Then you can move on to a firmer roller or foam spikes such as the rumble roller. If you don’t use the foam roller in proper way, you may cause yourself more harm than good. The size of the foam roller is also crucial as it should correspond to the area you plan to roll. For example, for large muscle groups you need to have a wider diameter roller.

  • Rolling too quick

There’s a reason why therapist work slowly and purposely, so take a page from their book and don’t rush. Many rush through their foam rolling process because it’s painful and they just want to get it over with quickly. This is wrong. The more painful area, the more time you should spend rolling that area. The reason of foam rolling is to release tense and knotted fascia around the muscle cell. This kind of process takes time, so do it slowly and let the pain fade away.

  • Daily rolling

If you think by foam rolling every day, the better the results will be, then you are wrong. Just like how you would require a rest day when you workout on a consistent basis, if you keep using the foam roller without a break, you might end up with more inflammation and pain. Give your body time to heal.

  • Targeting one spot

If your lats hurt, you shouldn’t solely focus on that area while neglecting other muscles. So roll around and see which areas are hurting. This is because sometimes you might feel the pain in one area of the body, but the source of the pain could be another area entirely. In other words, if you neglect other parts of the body, you may delay your recovery process.

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