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Cardio or strength training for weight loss?

According to Associate Professor at California State University, Fullerton, both cardio and weight lifting are crucial for weight loss. You burn more calories when your heart rate increases and also when you add more muscle. But some of us might find that our bodies are more suited to one approach over the other. It totally depends on whether your body adapts more to cardio or strength training.

  • Various fitness plans

Change your training routine to shock to your muscles and try out a variety of exercises with different forms and techniques. If you consistently do the same routine, you will get bored easily and eventually demotivated. Try something new, for example, martial arts, cross fit, compound exercises and Push Pull Legs (PPL) exercise.

  • Losing weight shouldn’t be the only reason you workout

Aerobics is one of the popular exercises to make your heart strong, lower your blood pressure and obviously burn calories. But not just that, cardiovascular activities may help lower your stress. However, exercise alone is not enough to burn fat, instead you should pay more attention to your diet. Eat more protein, drink more water, eat salads more often, have moderates amounts of coffee and lastly, keep things simple. Track your daily food consumption.

  • Be more active

Spending time in the gym is not the only thing that can help you burn calories. Your body burns fat 24 hours per day. So make your day more productive by just standing, walking out for lunch, and even washing your car.  Don t narrow your scope in terms of cutting fats with training in the gym and taking care of your food, add some variety! Always be active and move around, don’t just sit and do nothing.

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