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Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise refers to any form of physical activity that elevates your heart rate to a point where you start to burn fat and calories. Basically, all you need to do is spend around 10 – 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week. So here are a few benefits of cardio exercise.

  • Weight Loss

Most cardio exercises require stamina and endurance, for example jogging. By increasing your heart rate you will burn fat and calories as well as make your heart stronger.

  • Lung Capacity

Shortness of breath or lack of stamina can be improved through cardio exercise. Combine some of the exercises to increase the intensity of your sessions, for example, do the Tabata workout for 3 or 2 sets to increase your heart rate and improve the oxygen flow in your body.

  • Strong Heart

Simple cardio exercises could save you from potential heart complications in the future. A strong heart can give you more endurance and you will feel more energized. For example, cycling for 20 minutes in the morning is enough. Be moderate, don’t push yourself.

  • More confidence

You will have a good toned body and gain lean muscle by doing cardio. Not just that, you also will look healthy, fit and boost your daily mood, all thanks to cardio exercise. And while you’re at work/school, you will sharper and more energized than usual.

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