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Belly fat and what to do about it

The year is almost over, but you’re still having trouble getting rid of belly fat? No worries! Read this article to start working on your dream abs.

Before we even get to the solutions bit, let’s find out some of the common causes of belly fat. Poor diet, excessive intake of alcohol, lack of exercise, stress and lack of sleep are the things that make you gain belly fat and check out how you can get rid of it below.

1.Quit sugar

The fastest way to notice change to your appearance is to give up sugar. Sugar doesn’t actually have much benefit, in fact it can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, affect your immune system, accelerate aging, cause tooth decay and increases stress.

2.Increase your protein intake

Protein is crucial especially if your goal is to lose weight. Studies prove that if you eat more protein, it can reduce cravings by 60% and boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day! Find out what high protein foods you should start eating more of, here.


No gym membership? No problem, Here is a list of our favourite YouTube workout channels you can check out!

4.Cut down alcohol

Easier said than done but you should really monitor your alcohol intake if you want to lose belly fat. Alcohol normally contain additional sugar which can cause weight gain.

5.Increase your fiber intake

It’s no secret that eating lots of fiber can help you to not only lose belly fat, but also overall weight. Not only that, fiber also normalizes bowel movements and lowers cholesterol levels!

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