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Bad workout habits to break

Still cannot see any positive results from all the hard work and time you spend at the gym? Maybe it’s your bad habits affecting the result you’ve been longing for…Find out what you’re doing wrong in this article.

1. You are not resting

Yes, you need to work hard at the gym but it doesn’t mean that you don’t rest. Rest is a crucial component when you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle or even bulk up. Rest day allows your body to recover and repair. Skipping rest days can lead to burn out and you feeling demotivated. However, you must remember, resting doesn’t necessarily mean taking a day off from the gym, resting also means getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night every day.

2. You don’t eat anything before working out

Yes, we totally get that you want to lose weight but don’t put your health at risk. If you know you’re going to work hard at the gym, make sure you have something to eat before hitting the gym. Don’t worry about it affecting your workout as it can actually improve your performance. However, make sure you eat real whole foods, not something unhealthy.

3. You rely on ineffective diets

No doubt dieting is an important component when you’re trying to live healthier however with recent ridiculous diet trends, many have fallen for the trap. Before you even consider trying a new diet, make sure you check with your dietitian and doctor.

4. Your form is off

You’ve been doing all sort of workouts to build your biceps but you still don’t see any improvement? Sad to let you know that maybe you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Try to get help from instructors at the gym or professionals who know about workout forms. Do not believe your ‘muscular’ gym buddies because what works for them might not work for you.

5. You blame everything and everybody

To see results you need to have a positive mindset and attitude. You need to think that you can do it and visualize yourself achieving your goals be it losing weight or building muscle. Stop playing the blame game if you want to see fast results. Can’t go to the gym because you are stuck in traffic? Pick non-peak hours. Train yourself to find an alternative and solution for every obstacle that is stopping you from achieving your fitness goals.

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