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Avoid these workouts if you have a hernia

A hernia happens when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. Hernias normally happen in the abdomen between your chest and hips, and also can appear in the upper thigh and groin areas. Most hernia cases are not life-threatening, they just require minor medical attention occasionally.


When you pound continually during running, you are continuously putting pressure on your intervertebral discs. Running doesn’t cause a herniated disc but it can worsen your existing hernia problem. If you’re a runner, you might want to slow things up a little. Start jogging or walking and once your body starts to show positive signs then you can go back to running.


Bending over to lift the weights and pushing it up in the air can worsen your existing hernia condition. If you really need to lift weights, learn to control your movements. Practice proper form!

 Leg press

Leg press is dangerous for hernia patients because it can cause bulging or herniated discs. You can try a mid-range squat that lowers your bottom to just behind or above your knees. This is better for your legs overall.

Twisting exercises

A herniated disc normally occurs in the lower back or lumbar part of the spine, right above the hips, so any twisting movements such as abdominal exercises with a medicine ball or kettlebell or even certain yoga moves can actually worsen your condition.

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