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At-home workouts to keep you fit

No gym, no problem! Check out 5 at-home workouts you can start doing to help you get fit TODAY.


Push-ups target the muscles of the chest, arms, and shoulders. However in order for your body to get the full benefit from the move, you need to do it right! Find out how to do it in this video below, 

Credit: Mind Pump TV

Still can’t perform push-ups? Maybe these are the reasons.


If push-ups work out your upper body, squats play a major role in building your lower body muscles. The right position to perform a squat is as if you are sitting on a chair. Don’t fancy squats, refer to this list for effective lower-body exercises.

Credit: Bowflex


Probably the most effective workout if done right, plank strengthens the abs, back and shoulders!

Credit: Children’s Hospital Colorado


Another effective lower body workout, lunges is perfect if you want to work on your glutes and thighs. If you can’t balance yourself, use a wall or a chair for support.

Credit: Bowflex

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